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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

    MOTOGP Ultimate Racing Technology 3 RELEASE NOTES

    Last updated: 20 June 2005

Tip: lean forward for greater speed and stability on straights. Lean back to
slow down and perform wheelies.

Tip: powerslide around corners by double-tapping the accelerator. This will
cause the rear wheel to spin and allow you drift the rear end of the bike.

Tip: while accelerating initiate the back brake locking the back wheel, then
release the back brake once the slide is initiated.

Tip: applying the rear brake (Z) allows the rider to skid the rear end of
their bike.

Tip: applying the front brake (X) allows the rider to perform tricks such as
endos and burnouts.

Note: After plugging in a controller (gamepad, joystick, etc), you must go
into the "Configure Controllers" menu of the launcher, even if you plan to
use the default configuration.


    1Ghz Processor
    Win98 / ME / Windows 2000 / XP
    128Mb Ram
    GeForce 3 or above DirectX compatible graphics card
    DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    950Mb Free Hard Drive Space (installed)
    DirectX 9.0c
    4x CD-Rom drive


    Before installing the game, please make sure the destination drive has
    enough free space. If the install program warns you that there is not
    enough room, you should either remove other programs to free up space,
    or back up and select one of the partial install options (which will
    give slower loading times but require less room on your hard drive).

    The install directory name should not be longer than about 200
    characters. If it is too long, the install will not work correctly.

    The game may not run correctly on computers that have virtual memory
    disabled. If you have turned this off, you can reactivate it in the
    Windows Control Panel.


    Some PC keyboards cannot recognize certain combinations of 3 or more
    simultaneously pressed keys. This is an inherent problem unrelated to
    MotoGP URT 3.


    It is highly recommended to go to your video card manufacturer's website
    and download updated drivers for your card.


    It is highly recommended to go to your sound card manufacturer's website
    and download updated drivers for your card.


    Fast-User Switching is not supported by MotoGP URT 3.

    Limited User accounts are not supported by MotoGP URT 3, you must have
    administrator access to install or uninstall MotoGP URT 3.  If you are
    playing under a Limited User account, you must use the Run as
    Administrator option.


    Using the ALT+TAB key combination to switch between applications may
    cause problems. We do not support the use of the ALT+TAB function.


    MotoGP URT 3 requires Microsoft DirectX 9.0c is installed and correctly
    functioning on your system. If you experience difficulty with DirectX
    9.0c, contact your sound or video card manufacturers to obtain their
    latest drivers.


The Configure Game button in the launcher program lets you tweak MotoGP URT 3 to
get the most out of your hardware. Here are a few hints on which settings
are the most important, and what you want to avoid...

    Resolution - choose whatever you like, but it looks better in lower
    resolutions (eg. 800x600) with all the effects turned on than in high
    resolution with them disabled.

    Graphics detail - this slider allows you to choose the graphics detail.
    Generally the lower this is set the smoother the game will run. Change
    this if you want better performance or better graphics.

    Number of bikes - turning down the number of bikes is a great way to
    make the game run quickly even with everything else turned on, but then
    again, winning a race with only 8 bikes just isn't the same as getting
    out in front of a pack of 20...

    Set your network connection type accurately to improve consistency in
    network games. The game will then adjust its bandwidth usage to match
    your connection type.

Advanced Video Mode Settings:

    Warning: changing these settings may stop the game from working
    correctly. If you encounter problems, click on the 'Reset Defaults'
    button to go back to the original values.

    Colour depth - makes surprisingly little difference. Obviously the image
    quality is better in 24 or 32 bit than in 16 bit mode, but you won't
    lose any features or effects if you set it to use 16 bit colour.

    Z depth - this controls both how many bits of zbuffer precision are
    available, and also whether the zbuffer will include stencil
    information. If there is only one number (eg. "32 bit"), this means
    there is only z data, but if there are two (eg. "32 bit (24.8)"), that
    means the buffer is split into 24 bits of z and 8 of stencil. MotoGP URT 3
    will work with any format of zbuffer, but at least 24 bit z is
    recommended to avoid sorting problems on distant objects, and a stencil
    buffer is highly recommended because without it we will be unable to
    display proper shadows or reflections on wet days. The best format is
    24.8 z and stencil. Failing that 24.4 or 15.1 are ok, but you should
    only use the simple 16 or 32 bit formats if your card doesn't support
    stencil buffers at all.
    Antialiasing - as well as conventional fullscreen antialiasing, MotoGP URT 3
    supports a full screen special effects mode that enables motion blur,
    accurate reflections of the environment during rainy days, and on pixel
    shader hardware, refractive raindrops on the camera lens. Use of this
    mode is highly recommended if your card is powerful enough to support
    it, but you may find it is too slow especially if you are running in a
    high resolution.

Advanced Graphics Detail Settings:

    Warning: changing these settings may stop the game from working
    correctly. If you encounter problems, click on the 'Reset Defaults'
    button to go back to the original values.

    Texture resolution - MotoGP URT 3 automatically scales the texture resolution
    according to how much memory is available in your card, so you will
    normally want to leave this slider in the center. Moving it to the right
    will force it to use a higher resolution than the autodetection would
    normally select, which may give better results but runs the risk of poor

    Multitexture layers - the landscape can be drawn using anywhere from 1
    to 4 layers of multitexturing. Turn this up if your card can handle it,
    or down if you need to make things run faster.

    Texture sharpness - this lets you adjust the point where your card will
    switch between texture mipmaps. Moving it to the right will make the
    textures look sharper and higher resolution, but at the cost of some
    shimmering and flicker. Moving it to the left will give a much smoother,
    more antialiased look, but without such good texture resolution.


As mentioned above, setting the connection type is really important if you
want smooth and consistent network games.

Analog modems:

    If you are playing over a 56k modem, your limited bandwidth will detract
    from the game's quality, so it's highly recommended that you either
    reduce the number of bikes in the race (using the Game Settings tab in
    the Configure Game section of the launcher), or turn off AI bikes
    altogether in the Edit Game Mode menu of the host machine (press Tab
    from the lobby to get there) and avoid sessions with more than 8 players.


    As MotoGP URT 3 uses a peer-to-peer protocol, it may not function correctly if
    players are behind NATs (Network Address Translators). However,
    depending upon the NAT and its configuration, it may work provided the
    host of the session is not behind a NAT.

    If you experience problems such as not being able to join a session, or
    dropping out of a session with no apparent cause, or just finding that
    some players are not racing around the track, you may need to alter your
    NAT configuration.

    Make sure UDP traffic is allowed.

    If possible: disable any firewall options which would reject packets
    from unknown remote hosts.

    Ideally: set your PC to be the "DMZ host", or map UDP traffic on port
    41455 on your PC through a fixed port on the NAT (41455 is good, but
    other ports should work too).

    Doing this may also allow you to host from behind your NAT, if players
    connect to the port you mapped on the NAT.


You can play MotoGP URT 3 online through GameSpy Arcade, which comes conveniently
bundled with the game. If you haven't done so already, insert your MotoGP URT 3
CD and install Arcade now. Then, to play MotoGP URT 3 online, just follow these
simple instructions.

Launch GameSpy Arcade and Go to the MotoGP URT 3 Room:

    Click on the GameSpy Arcade link in your Start Menu. When the software
    starts, you'll see a list of games and more along the left-hand side.
    There's plenty to do, but there's time for that later: Click on the
    MotoGP URT 3 button on the left to enter the MotoGP URT 3 room.

Find or Start a MotoGP URT 3 Server:

    Once you're in the MotoGP URT 3 room you can meet or greet other players,
    find servers or create your own server. The top half of the application
    will list all of the available servers, including the number of people
    playing and your connection speed (measured by something called "ping."
    The lower your ping, the better.) Don't like any servers? Click on the
    "Create Room" button to start your own server and wait for people to
    sign up. Otherwise, double-click on a server of your choice to join in.

Joining and Starting a game:

    Once you double-click on a server or start your own, you'll be in a
    staging room, in which you can trash talk with your fellow players and
    prepare for combat. When you're ready to play, click the "Ready" button
    at the top of the screen. When everyone in the room has signaled their
    readiness, the host can then launch the game. Arcade will fire up MotoGP
     URT 3 and the carnage will begin!


    If you have problems using Arcade, whether installing the program,
    registering it, or using it in conjunction with MotoGP URT 3, consult our
    help pages, located at or e-mail us
    by using the form located at


MotoGP URT 3 allows you to replace the default soundtrack with any other music of
your own choice.

It uses the Ogg Vorbis music format, which is similar to MP3 or WMA but free
from any licensing or patent problems.

To convert your music into Ogg format, download one of the utilities from:

MotoGP URT 3 only supports the playback of mono or stereo Ogg files encoded at
44100 samples/sec. This is the default setting used by Ogg encoders.

Once you have a collection of .ogg files that you want to use as a
soundtrack, open up the directory where you installed MotoGP URT 3 (which will
usually be c:\Program Files\THQ\MotoGP URT 3). Inside this you will find a directory
called 'soundtracks'. Inside the soundtracks directory, create a new
directory called whatever you like, and put your .ogg files inside it.

Run MotoGP URT 3, go to the Settings / Sound Settings menu, and choose your new
directory. Next time you go into the game, it will randomly pick one of your
custom tunes.

For example...

Make a directory:

    c:\Program Files\THQ\MotoGP URT 3\soundtracks\FunkyMusic

And fill it with the files:

    c:\Program Files\THQ\MotoGP URT 3\soundtracks\FunkyMusic\Yodelling.ogg
    c:\Program Files\THQ\MotoGP URT 3\soundtracks\FunkyMusic\Guitarhero.ogg GH
    c:\Program Files\THQ\MotoGP URT 3\soundtracks\FunkyMusic\Stravinsky.ogg
    c:\Program Files\THQ\MotoGP URT 3\soundtracks\FunkyMusic\ThaiNoseFlute.ogg

Now if you select "FunkyMusic" from the Settings / Sound Settings menu, your
next race is sure to sound interesting...


For serious hackers only...

If you are interested in adjusting the game settings in more detail than is
possible using the GUI launcher program, you can use the debug telnet
interface to change pretty much anything you like. With it, you can edit
graphical effects like the sun and particles, or even reprogram the entire
physics system if you want!

To enable the telnet server, add the line "telnet = true" to your motogp.cfg
file. Warning: don't do this while online, as the telnet server is only a
quick debug hack and is unlikely to be secure against anyone trying to crack
into your machine through it.

Once the server is enabled, run MotoGP URT 3 on one machine and telnet to it from
another. Or if you only have access to a single computer, add the line
"vmode/windowed = true" to your motogp.cfg file, so you can telnet to
localhost in a different window on the same PC.

If you are using the standard Microsoft Windows telnet program, it defaults
to echo-off mode, which prevents you from seeing what you are typing. To fix
this, press ctrl+], type "set LOCAL_ECHO", and then restart telnet.

Once you are connected, type "ls" to list the variables and subdirectories,
"cd <newdir>" to change directory, and "<var> = <value>" to change a
setting, or just "<value>" on its own to assign a new value to whatever
variable you changed most recently.

After you change any of the physics settings (in the bike/data directory),
type "setupbike" to reload the new parameters into the game.

Type "save" to store modified settings to your motogp.cfg file, but be aware
that some settings (in particular the physics parameters and track specific
values like the sun and fog) will be reset the next time you start up a race.

Warning: incorrect parameter settings are likely to crash the game. Have fun
playing around with this, but if you get in a mess, just delete your
motogp.cfg file to reset everything.


Climax Online:

Rik Alexander - Game Director
Darryl Shaw - Producer

Justin Johnson - Lead Programmer
Vincent Penquer'h - Programmer
Ian Sweeny - Programmer
Matthew Hardingham - Programmer
Mike Spencer - Programmer
Iain Cantlay - Programmer
Andy Copland - Programmer

Halli Bjornsson - Lead Artist
Joel Kemp - Assistant Lead Artist
Peter Ford - Artist
Dave Martin - Artist
Thomas Crausaz - Artist
Dave Blewett - Artist
Dean Stolpmann - Artist
Dave Pimm - Artist

Gylan Hunter - Animator
Charles Looker - Animator

Greg Bryant - Lead Designer
Tom Goodchild - Designer
Will Tarratt - Designer

Andy Sime - IT Support
Mandy Kennedy - Office Manager

Rocco Loscalzo - Technical Director
David Nicholson - Studio Head
Karl Jeffery - Executive Producer

Climax Racing:
(Post Production)

Shawn Hargreaves - Programmer
Kim Burrows - Programmer
Damyan Pepper - Programmer
George Foot - Programmer
Gavin Norman - Programmer

Jason Green - Artist
Harvey Parker - Artist
Paul Shewan - Artist
Paul Meston - Artist
Rory Walker - Artist
Ben McGrath - Artist
Vassos Shiarlis - Artist
Chris Hallett - Artist
Peter Butler - Artist
Dan Porter - Artist
Tony Porter - Artist
Robin Scott - Artist
Guy Mills - Artist
Craig Moore - Artist
Justin Bravery - Artist
Lawrence Elwick - Artist

Geoff Cullen - Designer
Serkan Hassan - Designer

Steve Rockett - Audio

Chris Bowles - QA

Rupert Mills - MIS
James Chapman - MIS

Tom Williams - Technical Director
Nick Baynes - Game Director
Tony Beckwith - President

Climax special thanks to:
Jon Gibson
Alys Elwick
Mike Patrick
Alkan Hassan
Matthew Hill
Peter Pimley
Adam Sawkins
Adrian Flack
Ross Childs
Boris Lowinger
Henry Rolls
Marco Hallett
Ryan Guy
Jason McFee
Jez White
Lynn Horton
Mel Ward
Craig Gabell
Greg Michael
Adam Pitt
Keith Clarke
Daniel Tarratt
Phil Scott
Shane Byrne
Andrew Crawley
Sameer Farah
Julian Mower
James Small
Bob Pitman
Ruth Eglington
Donna Wild
David Chambers

THQ Product Development:
Pierre Hintze, Iain Riches - Project Management, Europe
Jack Sorensen - Executive Vice President Worldwide Studios
Philip Holt - Vice President Product Development
Duncan Kershaw - Head of Product Development Europe
Dan Kelly - Senior Vice President of Business Development
Andrew Walker - Director, Business Development, Europe
Florence Kum - Submissions Manager
Simon Deal - Assistant Submissions Coordinator
Kish Hirani - Technical Director

THQ Global Marketing:
Peter Dille - Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing
Michael Pattison - Director, Global Brand Management
Pete Murphy - Global Brand Manager
Julien Socquet-Clerc - Assistant Global Brand Manager
Till Enzmann - Senior Project Manager, Art
Anja Untiet, Detlef Tapper, Dirk Offenberg - DTP Operator (ICD)
Jens Spangenberg, Ramona Sackers, Ramona Stell - DTP Operator (ICD)
Susanne Dieck - Director of Localization
Bernd Kurtz - Localization Engineer
Andreas Herbertz - Localization Coordinator
Rocco Scandizzo, Dave Miller - Product Managers, USA
Rob Cassel - Associate PR Manager, USA
Richard Williams - Marketing Director, UK
Jon Rooke - Product Marketing Manager, UK & Export
Elizabeth Blackman - Marketing Executive, UK & Export
Greg Jones, Helen Jones - PR Manager, UK & Export
Huw Beynon - Online Marketing, UK
Gayle Shepherd - Export Sales Manager, UK
Paul Ashcroft - Marketing Director, Germany
Christina Ettelbrück - Head of Product Management, Germany
Claus Schmidt - Product Manager, Germany
Georg Reckenthäler - Head of PR, Germany
Jochen Langenbach - PR Manager, Germany
Mike Kolodzinski - Marketing Director, Asia Pacific
Elizabeth Kotevska - Senior Product Manager, Asia Pacific
Katherine Charles - PR & Promotions Co-ordinator, Asia Pacific
Jeremy Goldstein - Product Manager, France
Christelle Carteron - PR Manager, France
Fermin Garcia - Product Manager, Spain
Jorge Nicolas Vazquez - PR Manager, Spain

THQ Thanks:
Brian Farrell
Germaine Gioia
Leslie Brown
Brandy A Carrillo
Jenni Carlson
Debbie Fingerman
Wendy Dormer
Duncan Kershaw
Roger Carpenter
Damian Finn
Phil Wright
Barbara Chapman
Andrew Walker
All MotoGP Teams

THQ Special Thanks:
To Mike Gamble, Simon Deal and the families of all THQ team members for their understanding and support
Monica Vallejo - Director, Quality Assurance
Mario Waibel - QA Manager
David Sapienza - Test Supervisor
Ryan Rothenberger, Brent Doshier, Enrique Castro - Test Leads
Jerry Cortes, David Tseng, Lewis Jackson - Testers
Ryan Coquilla, Omar DeLeon, Scott Shimohara - Testers
Chris DiPrima, Daniel Schneider, Paul de Leon - Testers
Shaun Denes, Anthony Ju, Ivan Barnes - Testers
Sam Martin, Tim Flanagan, Matt Rappaport - Testers
Sergio Mimikos, Ali Taher, Sean Griffith - Testers
Willis Kemp, Brandon Mendes, David Gamboa - Testers
Justin Crow, Jonathan Moretti, Zachary Richley - Testers
Selvin Wright, Shin Chau - Testers
Richard Jones, David Wilson - QA Technicians
Charles Batarse, Glen Peters - Mastering Lab Technicians
Anthony Dunnet, Thomas Arnold - Mastering Lab Technicians
Jason Roberts - Database Applications Engineer
Sean Heffron, Scott Frazier, Matt Elzie - Game Evaluation Team
"Use Da Slicks"
Performed by: Keith Clarke vs Another Day Lost
Written by: Keith Clarke

Performed by: Logo
Written by: Ali Marsden, Paul Harvey, Dan Kavanah

"Mr Green"
Performed by: The White Noise
Written by: Rob Couch, Sam Edwards, Luke Rendell

Performed by: Baseborn
Written by: Andrew Agnew, Graeme Baldwin,
Neil Dawson, Steve Moldon, Sanna Ronngard

"All She Said"
Performed by: Hipshott
Written by: Christian Williams, Thomas George,
Gareth Morrissy, Alexander Bell

Performed by: Catch 2
Written by: Alex Drury & Chris Gaines

"Monkey Disco"
Performed by: Metric
Written by: Alex Drury

Performed by: Metric
Written by: Alex Drury

"Ten Thousand Eyes"
Performed by: Hijera
Written by: Andy Fielder, Luke Taplin,
Matt Hirst, Ryan Gange, James Rogers

"Tripitaka's Theme"
Performed by: Sensha and Snare
Written by: Stuart Henshall, and Neil Shervell

Performed by: Sensha and Snare
Written by: Stuart Henshall, Neil Shervell

"Be With You"
Performed by: Sensha and Snare
together with Natalie Jane Richards
Written by: Stuart Henshall, and Neil Shervell

"Deeper and Deeper"
Performed by: Sensha and Snare
Written by: Stuart Henshall, and Neil Shervell

"Over Me"
Performed by: And A Thousand Elephants
Written by: Mikey Sumner, Will Fenton,
Roj Warner, Jody Rosher, Mark Browell, and Mark Phillips

Performed by: The Zico Chain
Written by: Chris Clitheroe, Ollie Middleton, Paul Frost

"Thought For The Day"
Performed by: The Group Dynamic
Written by: John Watt, Robert Lintott

"Geisha Rerun"
Performed by: U-ON
Written by: Yuan Fung

Performed by: Shawn Hargreaves
Written by: Shawn Hargreaves

Performed by: Shawn Hargreaves
Written by: Shawn Hargreaves

Dorna Sports:
Phaedra Harmis
Jorge Canela
Elisabet Ros
Ana Cortes
Pilar Gandcedo
Valentina Gómez

Andrew Whitney

Localisation Testing

that the recording medium on which the Software is recorded will be free
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purchase.  If the recording medium is found defective within 90 days of
original purchase, THQ agrees to replace, free of charge, any product
discovered to be defective within such period upon its receipt of the
product, postage paid, with proof of the date of purchase, as long as the
Software is still being manufactured by THQ.  In the event that the Software
is no longer available, THQ retains the right to substitute a similar
Software of equal or greater value.  This warranty is limited to the
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